Grant Thornton International

Grant Thornton International is one of the world's leading organizations of independently owned and managed accounting and consulting firms.

Firms operate in 130 countries in 725 offices worldwide. All Grant Thornton International member firms share a commitment to providing the same high quality service to their clients wherever they choose to do business.

Member firms of Grant Thornton International are separate independent firms. Each member firm is an independent legal, financial and administrative entity, commonly organized under the laws of the country where it practices. Member firms are locally owned, operated and managed and are responsible for their own liabilities.

Grant Thornton firms service international work through their local International Business Centre (IBC), drawing on international skills and local expertise and experience to help ensure clients receive outstanding service, wherever they are.

IBCs are located in major commercial centers around the world as a gateway to the international service capabilities of all Grant Thornton firms. IBCs are led by experienced directors from Grant Thornton firms, who coordinate teams of experts to help clients expand into other countries and establish their long-term presence.